About us

Who we are and what we do


Kirunadogsled.com has been in business since 2009 and has grown into a versatile adventure tour company specialising dog sled tours through the snow-capped winter wilderness of Swedish lapland. Our kennel is located in the pine forest outside Kiruna, close to the world famous IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi. Every winter since 2016 we move half of our kennel to the mountains of Abisko, the home of the northern lights.

The company is owned and run by Aron Andersson and Anna Norman. We live together with our 50 alaskan huskies in the small village Oinakka outside Kiruna, the heart of Swedish Lapland.




Aron Andersson

Aron Andersson grew up in the most southern part of Sweden. His love for the mountains and the cold north became bigger in 2006 when he moved up to Abisko in most northern part of Sweden. He lived and worked in Abisko until 2012 when he and his sled dogs moved to Kiruna, the capital of the north. Today he run dogs in winter and explore the mountains in summer. 

The dogs

Whit out our sleddogs kirunadogsled.com would not exist. Our alaskan huskies are the most important members in our crew. We all see the dogs as family members and we show them all great respect. All huskies eager to meet you and they are ready to take you on a unforgettable lifetime experience in Swedish Lapland.