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Winter is definitely here!

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The last days has been cold. We have had temperatures down to - 30 degrees. It is now safe to travel on most of the lakes and rivers in the area. We also had a lot of snow the last week and we could not be more exited. The huskies are well trained and ready to take you out on a unforgettable experience!! 

Unfortunately, we do not have much snow in Abisko now, this is normal, this time of the year, though. Abisko is one of the driest places in Sweden. It is common with lots and lots of snow in Björkliden (a small village 8 km W of Abisko) and no snow at all in Abisko. We keep our fingers crossed for more snow the coming days! Until then we do all tours, booked in Abisko, in Katterjåkk.

We are facing the busiest time of the year and our tours is starting to fill up. If you have not booked your dog sled adventure yet, it is about time! In Abisko many days are already fully booked over Christmas and New Years. We still have many available days in Kiruna.

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